It’s about to happen again! Masterpiece Mixers Paint and Party Studio Ormond Beach location is hosting a BYOB Paint Your Pet Class October 3rd and class is expected to be filled with amazing pieces of art and lots of laughs.  We always have so much fun recreating our “artistic” version of our sweet pets…at the beginning, everyone is usually nervous and worried that their painting will not turn out the way they want, but by the end of class…voila!  Masterpieces galore!  What I love so much about this class is seeing everyone share their stories and laughs and then the overwhelming sense of accomplishment at the end.  Those of us that attend Paint Your Pet are typically crazy pet people that love our furry or feathery friends so much we can’t even explain it. Something about their loyalty and companionship pulls at the heartstrings and burrows a space deep in our souls.  I think it is for that reason that we want these masterpieces in particular to be just purrfect!  This class is sure to be another dog-gone good one!